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About Us

Specializing in Pain Management and Stress Relief

At Be Here Now Therapeutic Massage, your massage is customized to suit your needs so you can return to daily activities feeling relaxed, restored, and pain-free.
Ginnie Levine, LMT

Virginia Levine, LMT

Hi, I’m Virginia Levine, licensed massage therapist since 2010, and owner of Be Here Now Therapeutic Massage. My two passions in life are massage and bodybuilding. My passion for bodywork arose from my love of weightlifting and competitive bodybuilding.

It all began when, in my mid-forties, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. To this day, I thank my doctor for recommending that I try exercising and changing my diet, versus simply writing a prescription for a cholesterol-lowering drug. What started as a challenge to get in shape escalated to competitive bodybuilding. After considerable success at the amateur level, at age 52, I won a national competition and earned the title of professional bodybuilder.

In my development as a bodybuilder, my trainer, a champion bodybuilder herself, suggested I try massage therapy to help improve my posture. After experiencing a variety of bodywork therapies, and the positive impact that it had on my life, I realized that I wanted to help others through massage therapy.

At age 54, while working as a dental hygienist at that time, I enrolled as a part-time student at The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, Connecticut. Upon graduation two years later, April 30, 2010, I opened my studio, Be Here Now Therapeutic Massage. I continue to take courses in massage therapy to provide you with the most effective treatment.

While I work with both men and women in my practice, my specialty is pain management and stress relief for women. Whether you’re suffering from chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, or if stress and anxiety are keeping you awake at night, a customized plan of massage and self-care at Be Here Now Therapeutic Massage is the first step toward lasting relief, and a healthier, happier YOU!

I love talking with potential clients about what I do and how I can help. Please don’t hesitate to call, text or send me a message.

MA License #8886
CT License #006318

Dear Ginnie,
Thank you for using your magic and skills to erase the effects of the seven-decker stress sandwiches I eat every day in my profession. I am amazed by the ability you have to locate and target the worst effects of my day-to-day and banish them away.


It’s so relaxing just BEING here. I never feel rushed. It’s all about ME!


Ginnie has combined the artful skill of massage therapy with compassion and professionalism. In addition to running a successful business, she continues to find time to immerse herself in knowledge—enhancing her therapeutic skills and providing her clients with an incredible experience. It is a pleasure and honor to endorse and recommend Ginnie to my clients, associates, friends and family.

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