Providing massage therapy and reiki services in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Our Services

Relaxation & Restoration

We specialize in massage-based pain management and stress relief for women – your massage is customized to suit your needs.

Swedish Massage

A gentle type of full-body massage best for relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage

Addresses certain painful or trouble spots in your body

Massage Cupping

Based on an ancient Chinese therapy used to increase blood flow and soften tight muscles


A Japanese energy healing technique for deep relaxation and stress relief

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain, or if the stress of daily living is keeping you awake at night, you’ve come to the right place!

What People Are Saying

Dear Ginnie,
Thank you for using your magic and skills to erase the effects of the seven-decker stress sandwiches I eat every day in my profession. I am amazed by the ability you have to locate and target the worst effects of my day-to-day and banish them away.


It’s so relaxing just BEING here. I never feel rushed. It’s all about ME!


Ginnie has combined the artful skill of massage therapy with compassion and professionalism. In addition to running a successful business, she continues to find time to immerse herself in knowledge—enhancing her therapeutic skills and providing her clients with an incredible experience. It is a pleasure and honor to endorse and recommend Ginnie to my clients, associates, friends and family.

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