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quote_leftThe BEST! EVER!!!quote_right − K.R.

quote_leftDear Ginnie,
Thank you for using your magic and skills to erase the effects of the seven-decker stress sandwiches I eat every day in my profession. I am amazed by the ability you have to locate and target the worse effects of my day-to-day and banish them away.

The effect is amazing. The results are the longest-lasting that I have ever experienced. I am derelict in taking care of myself, but I have had the good fortune through business, clients and travel to take advantage of what I am told are some of the very best spas and massage therapy anywhere. What you are able to do is far more effective than anything I have experienced anywhere.

I am ecstatic over the continuing good feeling after a massage therapy session with you. It is like a continued release of endorphins that goes on well after I leave.

When I came for this last appointment, I was exhausted from a really challenging week. I felt like I was in-between a high blood pressure headache and a migraine. All gone, bang, thanks to you.

I deeply appreciate your help and the serious effort you have put into knowing so much about your profession. It benefits all of us who turn to you for some sanctuary and relief!quote_right − A.C.

quote_leftIt's so relaxing just BEING here. I never feel rushed. It's all about ME!quote_right − A.M.L.

quote_leftGinnie Levine, owner of Be here now. Therapeutic Massage, has combined the artful skill of massage therapy with compassion and professionalism. In addition to running a successful business, she continues to find time to immerse herself in knowledge – enhancing her therapeutic skills and providing her clients with an incredible experience. It is a pleasure and honor to endorse and recommend Ginnie to my clients, associates, friends and family.quote_right − D.R.

quote_leftI have always believed in the power of massage and its use in health maintenance and in correcting body/health issues. And a good therapist is priceless.

I went to Ginnie initially because she belongs to a business group that I belong to. I could not recommend someone whose services I have not tried. I received two massages before I realized I had a torn rotator cuff and, if continuing with Ginnie, I needed to feel that she was respectful of my condition and understood the dynamics of its impact on the rest of my body. She met both those criteria and helped work with my Physical Therapist to help heal my whole body.

I have had regular massage before. In my opinion, there are two groups of massage therapists: the casual therapist and the more informed and gifted person who uses massage to relieve stress and to heal. Ginnie’s knowledge of the body and muscle functions assist her in making a massage both a pleasure and healing experience. She uses massage and stretching techniques to enhance the experience.

I would recommend that you make Ginnie a part of your overall health program.quote_right − L.C.